Back to SCHOOL often equals Back to STRESS for children with Tourette’s, their parents and their teachers.  To the uniformed, symptoms of Tourette’s seem purposefully disruptive and “disobedient” to teachers.  Additionally, tics and associated disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and/or learning disabilities often keep a child from performing to full potential.

Mostly misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mis-treated,Tourette’s syndrome (TS) is a neurological movement disorder characterized by motor and vocal tics.  Beginning in childhood, it causes those affected to make movements and noises they cannot control.  Just as importantly, many experience serious self-esteem, educational and social issues due to their often puzzling, misunderstood or disruptive symptoms, leading to frustration, isolation and social anxiety.

Sheryl Kadmon, Executive Director of the Tourette Association of America – Texas Chapter, can help you and others understand this often baffling disorder and help you advocate successfully for your child in school.  Learn diagnostic criteria for T.S.; categories and phenomenology of tics; associated disorders, such as OCD and ADHD; pharmacologic and other interventions; educational and social implications of the syndrome; accommodations and modifications for the classroom; and how to help prepare your children and yourself for maximum success in life.

These free presentations are perfect for parents, adults with TS, family, physicians, nurses, school personnel and teachers – anyone with an interest in learning about TS.  Visit our website (www.TouretteTexas.org) and click on the Support Group TAB for location/time details for each city or email TouretteTexas@aol.com for details.  Also watch our Facebook (TouretteTexas) and Twitter (@Tourette_Texas pages for specific details. 

Tuesday, August 1                           San Antonio, 6:30pm, Methodist Healthcare System

Tuesday, August 8                          Sugar Land, 6:30pm, MR Wood Learning Center,138 Avenue                                                             F, Sugar Land, Texas

Thursday, August 10                       Woodlands/North Houston, 7:00pm, Memorial                                                                                     Hermann/The Woodlands

Wednesday, August 16                   Katy/West Houston, 7:00pm, Memorial St. Catherine,                                                                         701 Fry Road, Katy

Saturday, August 19                        Tyler/Longview, 1:00pm, E.T.C.I.L., 4713 Troup Highway,                                                                       Tyler

Thursday, August 17                     Bryan/College Station, 6:30pm, Peas in a Pod Learning

Tuesday, September 5                  Austin, 6:30pm, Seton Medical Center

Saturday, September 9                 Dallas, 10:00am, location tbd

Saturday, September 9                 Fort Worth, 5:30pm, Baylor All Saints