"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson.

If you have the opportunity to give, to a child with a disease or disorder, who struggles daily in most aspects of their childhood, please consider giving a child with Tourette Syndrome (and most likely with OCD and/or ADD) the opportunity to experience a weekend camp created specifically for them.

This year, I am participating (slowly) in Ironman Texas, Ironman Boulder, and Ironman Arizona to raise funds for my camp, which is free to the campers, to bring awareness to TS (you become aware by hearing me on the course), and to show these kids they can accomplish their desires - regardless of their condition or setbacks. I appreciate your consideration in supporting these kids and giving them a chance! Michael

To make this easy - please consider gifting just $14 as this coming year will be our 14th annual camp.

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