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Camp du Ballon Rouge

dBR Application Form

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Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas Children’s Camping Weekend du Ballon Rouge has been RE-SCHEDULED!

Due to an unfortunate error at Camp For All, Camp du Ballon Rouge has been re-scheduled. Please note new dates: Friday, September 26 through Sunday, September 28, 2014.

CAMP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. ALL SPOTS FOR CHILDREN ARE FILLED with Campers who had applied for the original March dates. Should any extra spots open prior to September, we will send out notification and post information here.

PARENTS: We will utilize the forms already sent in for the original March dates. However, an updated physician form/page 7 (i.e., re-dated and initialed by physician) and current medications/symptoms will be needed prior to Camp. We will notify each of you closer to the camp date.

CAMPERS: We appreciate your patience and understanding of this unavoidable delay. We cannot wait to see you all at Camp in September --and we will get to go swimming!

HUGE THANKS to our awesome Camp Physicians, Psychologist, Nurses, Counselors, Support Staff and others who so generously volunteer their time and love each year to make this such an amazing weekend. We are grateful you can accommodate these new September dates.

See you there!

The TSA of Texas shares this Camper's sentiments exactly:

Hi -- I've attended Camp du Ballon Rouge for going on 6 years. I'm not griping or anything, I just don't understand why we have to wait until 6 months to go to camp. Du Ballon Rouge has a huge impact on my life. I know it's just a mistake, but it is hard for me to get through. Signed, C.W.

Reponse from Sheryl Kadmon, TSA of Texas Executive Director:

So very, very sorry! I am also very disappointed. I did not want to wait, either. But, Camp For All only gave me two new date choices, because du Ballon Rouge is such a big camp that we need ALL the cabins and the whole Health Center. The first choice was actually in two weeks - but most of my couselors couldn't come on that date and we can't have camp without counselors. So -- my only choice was the September date. Thank you for your thoughtful email. Please call or email anytime. Lots of love, Ms. Sheryl

Tourette Syndrome: Up Close from Cut to Create on Vimeo.

Sending your wish, by red balloon, into a clear, blue Texas sky with hopes
that it will come true – anything is possible at du Ballon Rouge!

du Ballon Rouge (dBR)
is a unique time and place. Held annually in the hill country of Texas, dBR provides a setting for children with Tourette’s syndrome to experience events and activities that can change the quality and outcome of their life.

“To enrich the lives of children diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, through a unique outdoor experience that offers acceptance, provides hope, promotes discovery, and creates the opportunity to establish relationships with others affected by TS” – that’s our mission!

Campers feel better because they can relax, have fun, and not be concerned about hiding their symptoms.  They feel accepted because of who they are and not excluded because of their disorder.

Campers express hope, through challenging activities, interaction with others, and a supportive staff, that their lives can be successful and fun.Discovery.  Campers are exposed to activities and situations they may not have previously experienced.  Smiles of accomplishment and understanding fill the weekend as campers discover unknown talents and interests.

The weekend provides the setting for participants to make new friends.  New campers may be shy and uncomfortable with their new surroundings.  However, new friendships can begin to develop immediately and continue to grow throughout the weekend.  Many campers have shared similar experiences, remained in contact, and do things together once the weekend has ended.

The Program
The program, founded in 2003, is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 18 whose primary diagnosis is Tourette’s syndrome (TS).  Many participants exhibit other TS related conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD).  We are able to accommodate the needs of most campers, but the weekend outing has some limitations in accepting children whose needs are beyond the scope of its resources.  Campers must be able to handle daily routines such as dressing and personal hygiene. Campers are assigned to cabins based on their age and gender.  They experience activities both as a cabin and as a group.  Weekend activities include fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, arts and crafts, ropes challenge course, swimming, and team sports.  The environment is fun, safe, and positive, and campers, while challenged to reach their individual potential, are not required to participate.

The Facility
dBR is held at Camp For All, a unique camping and retreat facility located in Burton, Texas, which is about 90 miles from Houston.  Camp For All (CFA) works together with many special needs groups in providing programs that are “recreational, therapeutic, and educational”. The CFA staff is professionally trained and is compassionate and supportive of each special needs group.  You may access their website,, for more information.

Counselors and dBR Staff
The staff of dBR are volunteers dedicated to providing the best experience for our campers.  Our staff includes adults with Tourette’s syndrome, outdoor experience, and medical training.  Staff members attend training sessions and are prepared for the weekend.  With properly executed parental authorization, the medical personnel handles all medications and medical issues for campers.

du Ballon Rouge
The 12th Annual du Ballon Rouge Weekend will be held Friday March 28 through Sunday, March 30, 2014. Activities for our campers will begin with a campfire on Friday evening and conclude with our Red Balloon Ceremony on Sunday morning.  

APPLICATIONS are available for download via the button to the top left. ALL campers MUST fill out an new application each year. New campers are accepted on a first come – first served basis.  All required forms must be received and approved by our medical staff before acceptance is complete. Campers will be notified by mail around the middle of February if all their forms are in and they have been approved for attendance.   Currently, there is no cost to parents for their children to attend Camp dBR. 

Transportation, to and from the Camp For All facility, is not provided for campers.

Help sponsor a child at camp
! Even with all our wonderful volunteers giving of their time and knowledge, TSA of Texas still pays about $350 for each child at dBR. Make a difference for a child and help us pay their way to Camp in 2014!
Please send $100.00 per child you wish to help sponsor to: 
                        du Ballon Rouge
                        c/o TSA of Texas
                        3919 River Forest Drive
                        Richmond, TX  77406

All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.


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